[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] examples/demuxing_decoding return value error

Even Wiik Thomassen e.thomassen at sportradar.com
Thu Dec 12 17:12:13 CET 2013

I've attached a trivial patch to fix a bug in the demuxing_decoding example.

Now the open_codec_context function will return -1 to signal an error if it
fails to find a codec.

Before it would return the stream index, which was always >= 0. The two
places where the function was called checked if the return value was < 0
to check if there was an error, and would therefor not notice when a codec
was not found.

This change make it fail faster, instead of repeated failed tries to decode
frames with no codec.

Please review,
Even Wiik Thomassen
e.thomassen at sportradar.com
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