[FFmpeg-devel] [EXTERNAL] Re: Extracting NTP timestamp from RTCP

Michael Niedermayer michaelni at gmx.at
Thu Dec 5 03:11:01 CET 2013

On Wed, Dec 04, 2013 at 05:33:25PM -0700, Fred Rothganger wrote:
> On 12/04/2013 05:08 PM, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> >
> >change the meaning of 0 with the next ABI bump or introduce a new
> >field but that might be overkill, dunno
> >
> >
> IMHO, adding a second field is definitely overkill. It seems like
> the right thing to do is define a "not set" value, whatever it is,
> and stick with that. Right now it is 0, though perhaps only as an
> accident of history. It makes more sense to have a special value for
> "not set" different than 0, since 0 is a valid date.
> At this point I don't care either way. If this requires an ABI bump,
> how do I go about submitting a patch for it?

the code could interpret both 0 and AV_NOPTS_VALUE as "not set"
now and at some point in the future (when the major version is bumped)
drop the 0 case so it becomes avalable as a normal value

also see
see libavformat/version.h
and how the defines from there are used throughout the codebase

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