[FFmpeg-devel] Old roundup & our Trac

Clément Bœsch ubitux at gmail.com
Sun May 20 20:31:36 CEST 2012

Hi all,

As you may know, after WW3, the FFmpeg bug tracker moved to Libav
(http://roundup.libav.org/) and was soon set RO since Libav moved to
another system (bugzilla).

Now for FFmpeg, we¹ set up a Trac as an alternative.

Libav (mainly Sean and Luca AFAIK) are now working on importing the
Roundup issues to their Bugzilla, so it's certainly the good opportunity
for us to do so as well with Trac.

Luca agreed to give us some access to the data so we can also get the
issues back. But there are a few problems:

 - the DB is huge
 - the DB is sort of private

The proposition was to have an access to the machine hosting the Roundup
and then querying directly with something like

But before we start this, I'd like to know what we really are willing to
do with this roundup data. If we want to query each issue and add it to
our Trac (assuming we mapped the current users and fill the gap by
creating accounts for the others), it will mean the old roundup issues
will be on top of the Trac entries, which is really not a good idea IMO.

The other solution I think would be saner is to move back to the roundup
and then add our Trac issues on top of it. But it means quite a few

 - agreeing with the move from trac → roundup (when everything is in the
   roundup we can consider moving to something else later, but that will
   of course require efforts)
 - Libav must accept to lend us the whole DB & setup
 - we will need to create copies of the accounts in the Trac and not in
   the roundup (with a random password or so, and send them their new
   password on the roundup)
 - Trac will need to be set up read-only (at least issues), and we will
   keep it only for the Wiki?

I think this is the best thing to do. I can help with the Python
scripting, but I'm afraid a real admin sys will be required for the rest
(because I suck at sysadmin, and I don't like it at all).

Any suggestion or better idea?

[1]: Sorry for using "we", I was obviously not of any help at that time
Clément B.
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