[FFmpeg-devel] Fwd: Summer Logo version 3.0

Alexander Strasser eclipse7 at gmx.net
Thu May 17 01:02:41 CEST 2012

Hi Victoria!

Victoria Kirst wrote:
> I hate to be the one to start this awkward conversation, but this logo is a
> pretty significant downgrade from the previous ones. The ideas are clever
> but not well executed: this particular font face is difficult to read and
> aesthetically reminds me of hairy legs with tumors. Similarly, the
> logo sweating under the sunny sky is a cute vision, but these particular
> images for the clouds, sun, etc look dated, like stock graphics circa early
> 2000. The overall logo looks childish and unpolished.

  I see what you are trying to say here.

> If we are going to be changing the FFmpeg webpage logo regularly, I propose
> we have a vote/contest instead of first-come first-serve submissions. The
> contest should include previous logos as candidates.

  We currently try to change the logo regularly depending on the season. I
am not sure we should include previous logos in contests but maybe it is a
good idea. IIRC we did not have a summer logo last year though, because we
began switching logos in winter. But please notice that there is not any
real process yet and nothing what there is currently is set in stone.

  I am not entirely sure what you exactly mean with first-come first-serve
submissions, but of course everyone is free to create and suggest her own.
I also mentioned Herve did make a submission (at least I think it was), and
said we will need a vote for this year's summer logo. We initially started
to comment on the logo sent by Jagannath because it was the first logo that
was submitted on this list.

  If you wanted to participate: please do!

  Also I acknowledge that we should make this more organized like e.g. making
a news entry that defines a time period in which we accept new submissions
for a particular theme and also probably additionally announce in communities
that likely consist of more artists than FFmpeg-devel mailing list too. Michael
already said this, but I like to repeat that we would gladly accept help in
that area.  

  I am sorry that this isn't well organized at all. Currently we handle the
season-specific logo submissions like patch submissions, which I agree is not
the best way to do it.



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