[FFmpeg-devel] Mail system improvement

Alexander Strasser eclipse7 at gmx.net
Mon May 14 20:27:34 CEST 2012


Jagannath Srs wrote:
> I recommend the ffmpeg-devel to be categorized into Graphic Design and
> Coding and other stuff and the mails should be sent to people who
> are interested.

  I hope you did not unsubscribe just yet :(

> For example: I am a Graphic designer and i am working on
> FFMPEG summer logo and i have subscribed to the mail, but i receive many
> mail which are not of my interest . So it would be very helpful if this
> modification is done.

  I propose the following:

  If you are creating artwork for FFmpeg, you do the following

  1. Open a ticket on our issue tracker[1] with type enhancement or task
  2. Optionally upload pictures on the newly created ticket.
  3. Send a mail announcing you are working on XYZ (e.g. summer logo)
     to this list. Be sure to also mention the ticket number.

  Now this solves the problem for the people reading this list that are
not necessarily interested in the creation of FFmpeg project related art.
But it doesn't solve your problem.

  To also solve your problem you need to configure your subscription so
that you won't receive any mails[2]. In that case it would be good if you
also include a sentence like

"Be aware that I don't receive mails from the ML and thus will only answer
to comments made on the issue tracker."

in the mails you send in step 3.

  I hope this is an acceptable solution for all parties involved.

  It also has the nice side effect that media files get uploaded to
the issue tracker instead of broadcasted to all ML subscribers.

  Of course this whole mail is not only addressed to Jagannath!
I myself used this process in the past, last time for creation of
the CLT poster.



  This can be achieved by logging in at the bottom of this page:


  Do not be scared the button is named "Unsubscribe or edit options".
There you find a setting named "Mail delivery" which can be set to

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