[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] lockmgr callback inclusion into libs sources

Michael Niedermayer michaelni at gmx.at
Mon May 7 18:50:46 CEST 2012

On Mon, May 07, 2012 at 06:45:49PM +0200, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> On Mon, May 07, 2012 at 05:20:34PM +0300, Andrey Utkin wrote:
> > I'd like to offer inclusion of suitable lockmgr callback functions
> > into libraries code.
> > (To make it clear for non-familiar people: i mean the function we
> > register with lavc av_lockmgr_register() when we work multithreadingly
> > with {de,en}coders.
> > Currently every app maker who needs it must copy&paste it from web,
> > while there seem not to be much deviations in implementation of this
> > routine for different case.
> > E.g. for pthreads-enabled compilations, it should be what is at bottom
> > of the letter.
> > We can include such standard implementations for major platforms
> > (posix, winapi), and embrace it with ifdefs. So app makers can just
> > av_lockmgr_register() it with functions which are already there in
> > libs.
> > Comments, and help on patch forming are appreciated.
> I think this is a great idea that should simplify useage of ffmpeg.
> The function (ff_pthread_lockmgr ?) would need to be added to a
> header though because ffmpeg may be compiled without pthread support
> and that otherwise would mean its unavailable (sometimes) to user apps

what i forgot, a patch is welcome and if you run in some difficulty
in writing it iam happy to help


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