[FFmpeg-devel] yadif: Don't process progressive frames and select proper pix format

Robert Nagy ronag89 at gmail.com
Sat May 5 01:54:55 CEST 2012

This is NOT a patch, just a workaround.

There are two problems I have encountered with the current yadif filter:

1. It will auto-insert a scale filter to ensure format compatibility with
yadif, even if fed with a progressive stream with auto_enable==true, e.g.
progressive bgra stream will be converted to yuv420, for no reason.
2. Incorrect auto-insert scale filters, e.g. bgra -> yadif, will become,
bgra -> yuv420 -> yadif, instead of more appropriate bgra -> yuva420 ->

The attached patch tries to address these issues by moving format handling
into the yadif filter. However, the problem with this hack solution is that
one need to add an explicit scale filter after any yadif filter in order to
not confuse the filter graph about formats.'

Anyone have any ideas in regards to a proper solution?
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