[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 1/2] lavfi: merge asrc_abuffer into vsrc_buffer.

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Wed May 2 12:47:13 CEST 2012

Le primidi 11 floréal, an CCXX, Stefano Sabatini a écrit :
> Yes, and IMO there is no point into building it unconditionally,
> indeed if the user is not going to use the filter he's not going to
> use the buffer API as well (indeed he can't).

Problem is that ffmpeg now uses filters internally. So as soon as there is
video transcoding, buffersrc and buffersink are necessary, even if no
filters were built at all. Still, ffmpeg can still be used for audio
transcoding and stream copy, so it makes marginally sense to allow it.

At some point, it was decided that vsrc_buffer can not be disabled with the
standard configuration system. The rest is a matter of consistency:
vsrc_buffer does not have a different status than asrc_buffer and
[av]sink_buffer (except that audio filtering is not yet ready in ffmpeg, but
that should change in time).


  Nicolas George
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