[FFmpeg-devel] Handling of mono data in WMA lossless

Mashiat Sarker Shakkhar mashiat.sarker at gmail.com
Wed May 2 09:55:09 CEST 2012

On 5/2/2012 4:53 AM, Jakub Stachowski wrote:
> This is exactly what I have been missing. I guess it really pays to
> actually have some idea how audio coding works. All my weird attempts to
> copy data were unnecessary, for some reason reverse decorrelation was
> restricted to case when both channels are coded. Removing that check
> fixes my synthetic test files, real world test case and does not break 3
> other random WMA files I tested. Patch is attached.

It's unfortunate that we are duplicating work. At libav-devel, we 
already have a patch for this -

I can't pursue any party to not duplicate work. So I'll just point the 
fact out and be done with it. For the record, your patch is OK too, 


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