[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] ProRes: Fixes for ProRes encode, particularly 4:4:4

Phil Barrett philb at filmlight.ltd.uk
Tue Feb 28 13:46:40 CET 2012

The attached patch updates proresenc_kostya.c as follows:

1. Fixes chroma block ordering for 4:4:4
2. Fixes sample duplication at right and bottom when image isn't a  
multiple of 16x16 (e.g. at bottom of HD 1920x1080 frame)
3. Fixes plane_factor calculation for 4:4:4 chroma planes
4. Adds a "4444" profile (min_quant and max_quant may still be wrong  
though, verification welcome)
5. Sets the colour primaries, transfer function and matrix from the  
context options into the ProRes header

Remaining issues with ProRes 4444 are:
1. needs to accept YUVA data, and encode the alpha channel
2. needs to accept 16-bit input data, since ProRes 4:4:4 encodes 12-bit  

Phil Barrett
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