[FFmpeg-devel] need help--- "roamsave" crashs in libavcodec.so

卜弋天 buyit at live.cn
Sat Feb 25 17:01:52 CET 2012

Hi All:
       there is a strange crash happens on ARM Cortex-A9 smart phone. the platform is Android 2.3, and the APK is "roamsave", i just use it to make a call, then the application roamsave crashs. the Andorid logcat information is as below:
        #00  pc 00015cec  /data/data/com.pccw.mobile.sip/lib/libavcodec.so
       from the logcat , i found that the crash point is in function ff_scalarproduct_int16_neon, sentence vld1.16         {d20-d21}, [r1,:128]! . 
this instruction has strict alignment requirement :128,  but the r1 register has value 0x002bb232 , which is not align to 128 bit.
       so my question is : to obey the alignment of ARM NEON instrction, is this the responsibility of APK roamsave or libavcodec ?
       from the point of my view, the application roamsave just read a file to a buffer, call libavcodec API such as avcodec_encode_audio() to handle the audio data. application should not do anything to align the buffer which will be passed as parameter when call avcodec_encode_audio().  all alignment work should be handled inside libavcodec.so internally. 
       anybody who can give me some hint to figure out how can i investigate this issue? 
      thanks very much.
Best Regards 		 	   		  

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