[FFmpeg-devel] Slice decoding in VC1

Mashiat Sarker Shakkhar shahriman_ams at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 18 07:30:54 CET 2012

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> Subject: [FFmpeg-devel] Slice decoding in VC1
> Hi,
> I am looking to implement the slice decoding support in VC1. I believe someone 
> must be working on it. If it's correct, help me to start with it or direct 
> me towards right portion of the code to start with. Appreciate any help. Thanks. 

Slice decoding support was implemented quite some time ago. Did you have a look
into the VC1 code? Look inside vc1_decode_frame() in libavcodec/vc1dec.c.

If you are having problem with some specific sample, then it's a bug which needs
to be fixed.

> Regards,
> Hardik Sharma
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