[FFmpeg-devel] New fate instances

Clément Bœsch ubitux at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 09:22:40 CET 2012


'got a new box, so I'm now able to make "full" valgrind runs, and faster.
Fate now reports a valgrind without --undef-value-errors=no (and the old
instance is still kept).

Since the full-valgrind instance uses the --valgrind option (can't be done
easily for the no-undef one for various reasons), the upstream suppression
file is honored and thus can be updated if you think some reports are

I also added a --disable-avfilter and --disable-zlib (conditional build
for these two are common in the sources) instances, but some tests can't
be run properly. Should we make the fate tests conditionals, or should I
just make the instance "Build only" (how am I supposed to do that BTW?
Redefine the build() function in the config file?)

By the way, the configuration information for the --enable-shared is
broken on the website because of the usage of ':' (which breaks the
split somehow). Maybe I should use another separator?

Feel free to propose a few more configurations. I can also share the
settings and script I use for anyone willing to add some fate instances.

Clément B.
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