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Benjamin Larsson benjamin at southpole.se
Sun Feb 12 23:36:56 CET 2012

On 02/11/2012 05:28 PM, Peter Wimmer (Lists) wrote:
> Well, I've expressed my opinion and won't comment on it anymore.
> Btw, ffdshow  uses ffmpeg, and  the debug build (without optimizations) of ffmpeg actually compiles with Visual Studio. Thus I don't believe there are significant difficulties to make the release build work as well.
> Peter

There are a few things needed for a port. All the C99 things need to be 
converted to C89 syntax. All at&t syntax inline assembler needs to be 
ported to yasm syntax. Regarding the inline assembler there is work 
going forward with moving at least a part of it. There are some patches 
posted for it but nothing merged afaik. Then there is the C99 to C89 
conversion. The idea here is to have a pre-preprocessor script that 
translates the code to something msvc can handle. But so far nothing 
concrete has turned up.

I don't think any maintainer is fundamentally against supporting msvc. 
If the patches for the support are nice and clean they will be merged. 
It's just for someone to step up and do the work. So far I've only seen 
one patch for msvc support and it was quite intrusive and not suitable 
for merging. But it showed that it was possible with a port.

Benjamin Larsson

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