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Peter Wimmer (Lists) peter.wimmer.lists at 3dtv.at
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Well, I've expressed my opinion and won't comment on it anymore.

Btw, ffdshow  uses ffmpeg, and  the debug build (without optimizations) of ffmpeg actually compiles with Visual Studio. Thus I don't believe there are significant difficulties to make the release build work as well.


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On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 09:22:47AM +0000, Peter Wimmer (Lists) wrote:
> > No, that is not really the reason.
> > The reason is that Microsoft no longer supports C, only C++.
> Compilation in Visual Studio would be *extremely* useful, not only for me but for many people.
> There so many C libraries that can be compiled with GNU and Microsoft compilers that above statements are only poor excuses. The truth is that some people here simply dislike Microsoft and their products.

Please don't go around and insult people just because you don't like their choices.
Several people have posted examples in this thread why going back to
C89 would make a mess out of the code.
Several people have said they have done the changes but none have so far made anything public as far as I can tell, maybe you should be complaining about your fellow VisualStudio users keeping their changes to themselves instead of expecting people who maybe don't even have a Windows installation to support it?
And to officially support it we'd definitely need someone to come forward and believably promise to keep it working, which includes at least trying to get an automated FATE testing going.
Apart from that, how many of those C libraries that work with VisualStudio do not directly support C++ like FFmpeg does? 

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