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I forgot to mention that I had to modify several of the inline asm codes - in particular the MANGLE macro to Intel standard for it to work. All the asm files need no change whatsoever - just the inline assembly.
I did not do this for all - just the ones I need - ex h.264, swscale, ...

It will be easier if we take up a community wide project to do a good job of this. I can provide all my changes to start. This will distribute the work load. The benefits are:
1. Work on VC++ IDE - superior debug environment than GDB. I do not wish to argue with anyone on this point.
2. Run faster on intel machines with intel compiler. My guess is 10% speed up on intel cpus.

We need to have at least 3 guys/gals  (including me) ready to volunteer which will include:
1. Diligently make sure ALL ffmpeg files work. I am using a subset only.
2. Change ALL asm to support Intel and GNU standards.

The total work will take 3 guys 2-4 weeks assuming no major issues with obscure codecs which I have not tested.


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> > Let us build consensus because this is a lot of work.
> This would be very useful for me.
> Matt
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