[FFmpeg-devel] Response to "for ffmpeg org"

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Wed Feb 8 14:37:55 CET 2012

hello everyone:
                 DeadlineBeijing2012-2-8 15:00:00 ,I have read all the replies to "for ffmpeg org"。
firstly, thank you all the replies。
secondly, I say I changed the source code only for compiling,in some systems and Compilers. I don't  intend to make any software. Idodevelopment using Windows,currently compiling the source in Windows/WM,IOS/MAC,Android,symbian,only for the purpose of learning and not for commercial reasons.
 thirdly, I already know that it is an unneccessary task to do direct compiling in Windows; for example AT&T to Intel asm is Difficult.
I have a compiler question ,in arm-v6, I have compiler .c .S  and have succeeded,but the link the in .c file function can't link to the .S file function (the compiler can't find it), I use NDK for Android in windows-cygwin.
thank you .
                                                                                      Liu Shi-Meng

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