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Tue Feb 7 13:53:56 CET 2012

To whom it may concern,
     I'm a software developer in China ,My name is Liu Shi-Meng (surname Liu, Shi-Meng is my given name). My English is not good. I'm very interested in FFmpeg open source project.
     I like programming. Perhaps you do not likeChinesesoftware developers or companies; if so, I think I know the reason.
     I am very familiar with FFmpeg, but not comprehensively (ie. a large portion I have familiarity with, but not every last part of it). 
     I know thatinsomesystems and compilers it cannot be directlycompiled,
for example : windows-Virtual Studio, I know that it is incompatible with, because you did not design it that way.
     I don't know the reason for it will not work in this way; (joke) I think maybe it is done on purpose because that software is produced by microsoft
     First I say my purposeis to learn. I have already taken your source code and reworked it in order to use it with the kinds of sofware mentioned above. However, I feel it is necessary to ask for your approval for what I've done with it, and therefore I ask for it now; I hope you will be kind enough to grant it to me, and if not, could you please tell me the reason.
     Thank you for your attention!
                                                                                                            Liu Shi-Meng

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