[FFmpeg-devel] Interested in a ffmpeg developer/consultant

Benjamin Larsson benjamin at southpole.se
Tue Feb 7 10:51:22 CET 2012

On 02/06/2012 06:47 PM, John Dexter wrote:
> [...]
> Looking to do the coding myself - the part in our app anyway - so
> interested in having an expert on hand to provide some sort of premium
> support in terms of:
> - building/linking
> - using the API
> - understanding codec confusion
> - understanding the command line tools
> - general advice about using ffmpeg
> I expect it to be a few hours of your time, primarily by email or IM,
> though it's possible some proper dev work might be needed. Other than
> a thorough knowledge of ffmpeg and video encoding, the only things
> needed are that you are experienced at Windows C++ dev and have good
> English communication... writing is essential and speaking is a bonus.

Hello John, I'm able to assist with all the tasks you need help with. I 
used to work with developing Windows software and I am listed on  

Benjamin Larsson

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