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> On Wed, Feb 01, 2012 at 11:32:06AM +0100, Benjamin Larsson wrote:
>>  >Id like to see the libav vs ffmpeg relation clarified in the document
>>  >the names suggest to the average reader a relation that is different
>>  >from what it actually is.
>>  Either edit it yourself or post how you would like to have it clarified.
> The page says this:
> (At this point, you're probably wondering why there are 2 IRC channels and 2 
> mailinglists. Ask your mentor, it'll make for a good first conversation 
> topic.) 
> It should say something like:
> Libav is a fork of the FFmpeg project. Both projects seperately
> maintain the various parts of the codebase like libavcodec and
> libavformat. If you have questions feel free to start a
> disscussion on an open mailing list like ffmpeg-devel.

No need for another ML troll-fest. It isn't even relevant for a
prospective student. Think about the rationale behind participating
in GSoC together - because we share a significant amount of common
code between us and any work produced by the student will probably
benefit both the fork. The page should mention that and only that.

> Also:
> "Note that the self-selected mentor needs to have considerable standing in 
> the community to be eligible for mentoring. "
> should be replaced by:
> Note that the self-selected mentor needs to have sufficient technical
> knowledge for the task he wishes to mentor, there is no need for him
> to be a member of the libav/ffmpeg community.

It is important that the potential mentor has some code contribution to
either of the project. The org-admin has to ensure that the potential
mentor will be able to see the project through to the end. Yes, he has
to have sufficient technical knowledge - demonstrated by his contribution
to the code-base.

> And:
> "Likewise, if you choose to define your own Summer of Code project, some 
> community members of considerable standing need to vouch for your project."
> should be droped.
> There is no such politics in FFmpeg.

It's not politics. There may not be any such incident in FFmpeg / Libav
SoC history, but there are rumors that people become mentor and then they
accept themselves as student. This may sound a little paranoiac, but we
must have safeguard.

> similarly "work ethics" must be droped. Whatever is meant by it it
> sounds creepy
> And last but not least, It should go without saying but if you want
> FFmpeg and libav have a joint GSOC, the technical discussions must stay
> on public mailing lists and IRC channels from which no ffmpeg developer
> is baned. (this is not the case in the current design described on the
> wiki page).

Do you propose a seperate FFmpeg / Libav SoC ML and IRC channel? Won't
be of much help, if my experience from past year is worth anything.
Students may prefer a quieter communication medium - private IRC or
email. We can impose a rule like x264 where the student will have to
be ping-able on IRC 24/7 (not everyone will like it) and / or the
student may have to send a mandatory WIP patch to either of the ML
before mid-term evaluation. That way, all developers will be able to
participate in the evaluation process (although the end decision is
made by the mentor and in rare cases the lead-admin for the org.)

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