[FFmpeg-devel] todays swscale changes

Michael Niedermayer michaelni at gmx.at
Fri May 27 23:41:51 CEST 2011


Thank you ronald for fixing 2 of the bugs you added.
lets continue

now swscale segfaults here:
      //Note 8280 == DSTW_OFFSET but the preprocessor can't handle that there :(
    __asm__ volatile(
        "mov %%"REG_b", "ESP_OFFSET"(%5)        \n\t"
        "mov %4, %%"REG_b"                        \n\t"
        "push %%"REG_BP"                        \n\t"
        YSCALEYUV2PACKED(%%REGBP, %5, %6)
        WRITEYUY2(%%REGb, 8280(%5), %%REGBP)
        "pop %%"REG_BP"                         \n\t"
        "mov "ESP_OFFSET"(%5), %%"REG_b"        \n\t"
        :: "c" (buf0), "d" (buf1), "S" (ubuf0), "D" (ubuf1), "m" (dest),
           "a" (&c->redDither), "m"(uv_off)

%6 is a memory operand and can be addressed by any combination of
registers that are not output or clobber list registers, this includes
or in other words this isnt going to work like that.

Also before you just replace "m" by "r" this will fail on x86_32 in
some configurations.


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