[FFmpeg-devel] [Announcement] FFmtech board of directors election

Benjamin Larsson benjamin at southpole.se
Mon May 23 22:26:42 CEST 2011

>> The time line for this is 2 weeks for responding that you intend to
>> either candidate or partake in the voting.
> I don't really understand why people who want to vote need to announce
> their wish to vote (provided they meet the criteria).
> Does this really mean that people who didn't reply to your email won't
> be allowed to vote, even if they fulfill the conditions ?

The reason is that the board might overrule the criteria.

>> [...] then 2 days for the election process.
> Does this mean that somebody who is away from the internet for 2 days
> just at the wrong time won't be allowed to vote ? That sounds like a
> really short time frame...
> Aurel

Noted, I'll reconsider extending it by a few days.

Benjamin Larsson

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