[FFmpeg-devel] Project Using FFMPEG

Mike Marian mike at gigx.ro
Wed May 18 09:38:22 CEST 2011


We are a small startup company and we have been using ffmpeg in testing for
a service we are developing.
We have a need for doing live transcoding with publish to RTMP.
The source would be either a stream from the network or from an hdmi capture

We have already done some testing and have seen that this can be
accomplished rather easily.
We would like someone to help us out in perfecting this.

The main objectives are:

1) Creating a daemon that can run 24/7 can recover from errors
2) Creating some hooks into this daemon for management purposes
3) Advise us on the h264 transcoding options to achieve optimal results

Please send me an e-mail at mike at gigx.ro so we can discuss further.


Mihai Marian

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