[FFmpeg-devel] [libav-devel] mpegts encoder not interleaving audio/video packets well

Mike Scheutzow mike.scheutzow at alcatel-lucent.com
Mon Jun 27 19:29:03 CEST 2011

Tony Strauss wrote:
> While testing, I noticed a block of code in the mpegts encoder that struck
> me as strange (mpegtsenc.c:885):
>     const uint64_t delay = av_rescale(s->max_delay, 90000, AV_TIME_BASE)*2;
>     int64_t dts = AV_NOPTS_VALUE, pts = AV_NOPTS_VALUE;
>     if (pkt->pts != AV_NOPTS_VALUE)
>         pts = pkt->pts + delay;
>     if (pkt->dts != AV_NOPTS_VALUE)
>         dts = pkt->dts + delay;
> The pts and dts of all of the packets gets incremented by twice max_delay,
> which seems contrary to its use in the mpeg ps muxer (although I may well be
> missing something).

I have always assumed that this offset is meant to prevent the initial 
PCR value in the transport stream from being negative (i.e. a huge 
positive value.)

This avoids a PCR timestamp wrap near the front of the stream.

Mike Scheutzow

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