[FFmpeg-devel] {WIP} {HELP} Dvb Subtitles and Hard Subtitles

JULIAN GARDNER joolzg at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 7 15:00:55 CEST 2011

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>>  >Subject: [FFmpeg-devel] {WIP} {HELP} Dvb Subtitles and Hard Subtitles
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>>  >Ok needing a bit of help here, ive added my current diff in the hope of 
> some help from a more knowledgable ffmpeg developer.
>>  >
>>  >My problem is that i need to get the main output loop to eventually 
> call the do_subtitle_out for every frame of video that is produced.
>>  >
>>  >I have attempted to change the code where the subtitle is decoded, only 
> once in the case of dvbsubs, and to output it multiple times, but the output bit 
> is still only called once.
>>  >
>>  >Can anybody help me in getting the loop to make the multiple calls to 
> output the subtitles, im trying not to have to write this as a filter, but to 
> have the subs placed on the output video plane BEFORE resizing and ENCODING?
>>  >
>>  >If you think im going about it the wrong way then let me know, and if 
> the only way is to produce a filter i will spend my time on that instead.
>>  >
>>  >So just for clarity i need to get the subs to be copied to the video 
> before any resize or encoding is performed, if this works it should be possible 
> to take any subs and have them placed on the video.
>>  >
>>  >also one more problem is that the TS si still has the entry for 
> "dvb subs" in its pmt, this will need removing, as i cant see the 
> point of having hard subs and soft subs whch are the same.
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>>  Ok boys i have the "hards subs" kind of working, but i need some 
> help in dumping the subtitles onto the screen in the correct format.
>>  I have modified ffmpeg.c and in the routine 
> "pre_process_video_frame" i aim to do the dump of the subs, im just 
> testing but if i do a memset on the memory pointed at by 
> picture->data[0]+x+y*picture->linesize[0] i get my boxes in the correct 
> place.
>>  What i need to do now is translate the subtitles pixel and clut map into 
> the correct format and add this to the plane, now the good point of this is that 
> scaling the video works after this.
>>  Any help please.
> for format convert see swscale (maybe libavfilter/vf_scale.c is a
> useable example on its useage)
> for blend/overlay of stuff see vf_overlay.c
> [...]
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OK "Hard Subtitles" working now, test phase to continue but i have a few queries regarding what should be done with certain cases

1. dvd-subtitle-problem.vob
  This file has a video size of 352x288 but the dvbsubs are being displayed out of this range so my options are
    a) Dont render out of visible screen area (current system)
    b) Swscale the video to fix the subtitle expected screen size, draw subs, recscale back to original size (lots of cpu)
    c) Rescale the subtitles themselves and also the position and then draw on screen (need a new rescaler)

2. As i see it .SRT and .SUB decode the subs but dont render them, what would be good would be for all the subtitle engines to render to a bitmap buffer, with clut and regions. If this is the case then we could do things like Hard Subs, Ass->Dvb, Srt-Dvb etc Is this a feasable way forward?

3. Xsub seems to work now except for the demo i have being a 720x408 screen and the subtitles are positioned at 174,464, so back to 1

I need to do more testing but the problem streams i started with all work well and the subtitles appear where and in the correct colours as they should.

I have some encoded files i will put up on my ftp if anyone want to see some examples or the hard subs


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