[FFmpeg-devel] DVB Subtitles Again

JULIAN GARDNER joolzg at btinternet.com
Fri Jul 29 20:26:13 CEST 2011

OK had my Dvb Subtitles decoder/encoder/hard subtitle system running now for over a month so was looking at putting this back to you guys but need some guidence on a little problem that has cropped up.

At the moment i have a set of global variables that are used for the DvbSubtitle FIFO, needed as some broadcasters pre-send the subs, but i need to be able to have these per output, we are currently moving from a single input->encode->output model to a input->encodex2->outputx2, but as the variables are global they work for both outputs.

So where should i place the globals, which structures are the correct place to put them, also I think that other subtitle variables, subtitle_language/subtitle_disable should also be specific to an input/output and not global.

any pointers would be good as once this is complete i can package up the diffs.


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