[FFmpeg-devel] Improve timecode support

Clément Bœsch ubitux at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 18:45:10 CEST 2011


This patchset is meant to add the -timecode option in FFmpeg.

Baptiste Coudurier is the original author of this feature[1] and so of most of
the code you will find in those patches.

Thought, since it is somewhat heavily modified (and might introduce various
issues I am responsible for...) I didn't keep the author credit, but added a
note on the bottom of each commits where Baptiste was the original author.

Baptiste, if you want to get credits on any of those commits, I'd change them

Note that those features might be done in a better way in FFmbc[2], but this
patchset is mainly based on the original code made for SmartJog a few years ago.

Here are extra details about the patches:

    [PATCH 1/8] options: handle options with the same name in codecs and

        -timecode option is added in the mpeg12enc (lavc) and in some formats,
        so this allows the option to be parsed in both

    [PATCH 2/8] timecode: introduce timecode and honor it in MPEG-1/2.

        This creates a new file for timecode dedicated helpers, and use it in the

    [PATCH 3/8] timecode: move dropframe code and doxycomment it.

        Some refactoring in the helper file…

    [PATCH 4/8] mxf: move framenum to timecode convert to timecode


    [PATCH 5/8] mxf: add cli option in mxfenc to replace GOP timecode

        Basically support -timecode in MXF muxer.

    [PATCH 6/8] mxf: honor timecode drop flag in mxf muxer if set.

        The timecode drop flag was ignored until this commit.

    [PATCH 7/8] dv: honor timecode in DV muxer.

        Support -timecode cli option in DV muxer. This required a fate update.

    [PATCH 8/8] mov: read tmcd tag and set timecode drop flag

        An old "tmcd" patch from Baptiste, unchanged.

[1]: The original code is somewhat old, and was internally developed at
[2]: http://code.google.com/p/ffmbc/

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