[FFmpeg-devel] VC-3 contracting/develeopment

Kai Koenig video-utils at techstuff.de
Wed Jul 20 10:49:48 CEST 2011

Hi all,

few days ago (July 13th) I sent a message regarding VC-3 develeopment to
Baptiste - sadfully no reply. So lets give it a try here at the list:

We are planning to set up a system which ist creating cutdowns of sport
venues (i.e. basketballgame) in an highly automated service.
The idea is the usage of open-source-tools and to support the further
development of them.
Who is available for contracting work (coding), which should then
be made available to the ffmpeg-project?
Encoding of VC-3 should be supported with 10 bit color-depth and all
available bitrates.
Porting the VC-3 encoding to OpenGL/CUDA might be an idea for the future.

Kind regards
Kai Koenig

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