[FFmpeg-devel] GPU acceleration with FFMPEG

Tomas Vondra tv at fuzzy.cz
Sat Jul 16 19:31:55 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,

I use ffmpeg occasionally, and I'm a bit sad there's no GPU acceleration
support when encoding. The CPUs are getting faster, but the video
resolution is growing too.

I know there were some discussions about CUDA on this list before, but
I'm not aware of anyone actually working on this. So I've decided to get
my hands dirty and try to write something on my own. But I don't want to
work on that alone - I'd like to find a fellow coder and someone who has
more experience with ffmpeg development (not necessarily the same person).

My plan is to modify the libavcodec so that it uses GPU to compute FFT
(and maybe some other steps). I believe this is a sensible first step

And not only I'm willing to spend some time on this, I'm ready to put
some money in it too. So if you're really interested but you don't have
a suitable GPU (and you can't afford one), we can talk about a
reasonable GTX card (worth about $150).

So let me know if you're willing help me with this.


PS: CUDA vs. OpenCL
I expect to use CUDA for the first steps, with the possibility to switch
to OpenCL later. Yes, I know ffmpeg aims to be portable and CUDA does
not support all the platforms, but the CUDA toolkit already implements
various procedures (including the FFT). This should make the first steps
easier and see what is the gain.

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