[FFmpeg-devel] Greetings

Steven Truppe admin at byteshelter.org
Mon Jul 11 08:55:55 CEST 2011

Am 11.07.2011 08:37, schrieb Andrés González:
> On 11/07/11 07:30, Steven Truppe wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> i'm a young script writter and are currently a small helper tool that 
>> helps me converting a hirarchie of file from one format to another 
>> format (for example if you have a folder hirarchy with files with 
>> different formats and all want them to be mp3 for example [for mp3 
>> players for example that only support this format]).
>> Now i came to the problem that i've no clue how to find out which 
>> file extensions ffmpeg can use, also a talk on #ffmpeg doesn't 
>> helped, so i hope i get more hep here.
> Hello Steven,
> Have you checked the online FFmpeg documentation?
> http://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html
> You can use for example:
> ffmpeg -formats
> to see a list of supported formats.
> By the way, this kind of questions should go to the ffmpeg-user list.
> Good luck!
> Andrés
>> best regards,
>> Steven Truppe
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Sorry for my bad english and using the wrong list, but someone showed me 
the -formats arguments but how does a list like:
  DE s16be           PCM signed 16 bit big-endian format
  DE s16le           PCM signed 16 bit little-endian format
  DE s24be           PCM signed 24 bit big-endian format
  DE s24le           PCM signed 24 bit little-endian format
  DE s32be           PCM signed 32 bit big-endian format
  DE s32le           PCM signed 32 bit little-endian format
  DE s8              PCM signed 8 bit format
  D  sdp             SDP
  D  shn             raw Shorten
  D  siff            Beam Software SIFF
  D  smk             Smacker video
  D  sol             Sierra SOL format
   E svcd            MPEG-2 PS format (VOB)
  DE swf             Flash format
  D  thp             THP
  D  tiertexseq      Tiertex Limited SEQ format
  D  tta             True Audio
  D  txd             txd format
  DE u16be           PCM unsigned 16 bit big-endian format
  DE u16le           PCM unsigned 16 bit little-endian format
  DE u24be           PCM unsigned 24 bit big-endian format
  DE u24le           PCM unsigned 24 bit little-endian format
  DE u32be           PCM unsigned 32 bit big-endian format
  DE u32le           PCM unsigned 32 bit little-endian format
  DE u8              PCM unsigned 8 bit format
  D  vc1             raw VC-1
  D  vc1test         VC-1 test bitstream format
   E vcd             MPEG-1 System format (VCD)
  D  vfwcap          VFW video capture
  D  vmd             Sierra VMD format
   E vob             MPEG-2 PS format (VOB)
  DE voc             Creative Voice file format
  DE wav             WAV format
  D  wc3movie        Wing Commander III movie format
  D  wsaud           Westwood Studios audio format
  D  wsvqa           Westwood Studios VQA format
  D  wv              WavPack
  D  xa              Maxis XA File Format
  DE yuv4mpegpipe    YUV4MPEG pipe format

can tell me which formats it does support (i mean the file extensions).

best regards,
Steven Truppe

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