[FFmpeg-devel] a potential licensing conflict in libavfilter

D M German dmg at uvic.ca
Sat Jul 2 21:20:57 CEST 2011

 dmg> hi everybody,

 dmg> I am a researcher who specializes in licensing of software (for example
 dmg> we have developed a licensing identification tool called ninka:
 dmg> http://ninka.turingmachine.org)

A follow up to my previous message, which you might find useful:

* There is another file that is GPLv2+ that is compiled by default. It
  is libpostproc/postprocess.h. It is just a bunch of constants, so I
  don't think that is a problem, but you might want to know.

  It is used by cmdutils.c:

  dmg at i:/tmp/ffmpeg$ grep post cmdutils.c
  #include "libpostproc/postprocess.h"

* I am surprised that we found no single file under the version 3 of the
  GPL or LGPL.

* These are files that do not have a license:


The includes are very simple, but you might want to look into the .c
files. If you want the full listing of files and their licenses, I will
be happy to send it.

thanks again!


Daniel M. German                  
dmg (at) uvic (dot) ca
replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .

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