[FFmpeg-devel] ffplay playout buffer control question

Oliver O ohs0612 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 07:26:56 CET 2011

Hello everyone in FFmpeg-devel:)

I am a beginner of ffmpeg learner for about one month more, and now I have
a question about ffplay.

My scenario: (ffmpeg version: 0.8.7)

I want to use the ffplay player to play out the mpeg-ts/rtp streaming from
a VLC server.

My question is that now I have to control the rate(or speed) of each of the
frame in ffplay playout buffer.

Actually, all I want is control the playout rate of both video frames and
audio frames according to the amount of the frames in the playout buffer.

I've trace the source code ffplay.c,

but could anyone tell me where is the parameter of the playout buffer?(I
can't make sure about this...)

I really need this...any suggestion is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance, sincerely.

best regard

Multimedia Communication and Chips, 210Lab

Student  Oliver,O

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