[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] stream parsing

Benjamin Larsson banan
Sun Sep 26 12:54:34 CEST 2010

> this looks strange
> i would have expected a
> if((codec->capabilities & CODEC_CAP_CHANNEL_CONF) && !channel_layout)
>     return 0;
> in has_codec_parameters()

There is no AVCodec available in has_codec_parameters() only an

> but maybe this doesnt work for some case?

It wont work as it's the wrong struct.

> at least your "if we dont have all parameters remove these 3 parameters"
> is looking worse

This is what the AAC codec uses, I'm not saying its correct I just took
something that worked. But IIRC something need to set these to 0 before
opening the decoder otherwise it will use the values the demuxer set.

Anyway I redid the patch, it's abit more logical now but pretty much the

Btw in has_codec_parameters() there is a list of codecs with some
special casing, I think these codecs should have this new capability set.

Benjamin Larsson
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