[FFmpeg-devel] merged FFmpeg/libswscale git repository

Janne Grunau janne-ffmpeg
Thu Sep 16 18:12:07 CEST 2010


As preparatory step for a full conversion to git I've created a script
to interleave the FFmpeg and libswscale repositories and fix a couple
issues in the repository. The resulting repository looks like libswscale/
(or postproc/ before the rename in 2006) was always part of FFmpeg.

The most serious issue is the bogus history of libavcodec/libpostproc
before it was moved there on Fri Feb 14 21:27:25 2003 +0000. I suspect
the rcs files were copied from the mplayer repo to the FFmpeg cvs repo.
The script removes all changes to libavcodec/libpostproc prior to the
move and redoes the move properly from postproc/ to
libavcodec/libpostproc/. This is done to avoid identical commits to
different locations in the final repository.

The other issue fixed by the script is to change all commits of each
person to a single username.

The tree is hosted under

It is not stable, I'll rewrite the master branch other fixing other

The script is here:

Everybody who wants to be listed in the git history with his/her full
name and email should say so. The script can be easily extended to write
the full name and email.

One issue we might want to fix is to correctly annotate commits with
patch by: to the correct author. Since git has also comitter annotation
the information who committed something is not lost. I have no idea if
this can be automated enough to make it feasible.


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