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Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Thu Sep 9 22:03:39 CEST 2010

On Thu, Sep 09, 2010 at 01:00:59AM +0100, irc at mansr.com wrote:
> [11:05:50] <cartman> libmpcodecs/vf_yadif.c:262:9: error: ambiguous instructions require an explicit suffix (could be 'cmpb', 'cmpw', 'cmpl',
> [11:05:54] <cartman>       or 'cmpq')
> [11:05:59] <cartman> somebody needs to tell michael
> [11:07:03] * funman thinks somebody should be cartman
> [11:07:46] <cartman> funman: he would flame me to hell
> [11:07:47] <cartman> :P

do you mean this line:
    19836     lorenm             "cmp       $2, %[mode] \n\t"\

> [19:36:33] <kierank> could av_read_frame be made to output multiple packets for containers with multiple packets per frame
> [19:37:20] <mru> not while michael is alive

trolling me to reply ;)
i dont mind at all to allow  av_read_frame() to output multiple packets when
the app explicitly requests it by setting some field in AVWhatever.
What iam against is doing it by default because it breaks stream copy and is
kinda annoying for alot of code like timestamp handling and the user app in
general needs to be able to handle it, ...
ive always been in favor of optimizations and multiple packets can be more
efficient sometimes, they also can be less efficient ans annoying some other
times ...


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