[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Releases

Howard Chu hyc
Mon May 31 19:16:16 CEST 2010

Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> As compromise I could therefore indeed imagine to do 3 monthly releases,
> but *in addition* declare some of those releases as special, long-term
> releases that are targeted for distros and system integrators.  These
> would then probably come with a more elaborated changelog and APIChanges
> diff, and probably other things that simplifies the work of system
> integrators.
> And yes, if there is some interest in having 3-6 monthly releases, I
> would be volunteering to run such releases, but obviously with less
> effort than I've put in this 0.6 release.
Along these lines, in the OpenLDAP Project we have regular maintenance 
releases, of which one may be declared The Stable Release at any given time. 
The Stable pointer advances irregularly; generally after a few regular 
maintenance releases. When we decide to move it, we move it to the latest 
available release, assuming the latest release has been available for at least 
a week or two without any new bug reports filed against it.

A lot of our development activity now is in separate modules which are 
dynamically loadable. In maintenance releases we only allow bug fixes in the 
core code, but we allow new features in peripheral/module code. So folks who 
want to use the newest features update more often, while other sites can just 
stay on a Stable release for a while.

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