[FFmpeg-devel] NEON arm optimizations...

Nicolas Mivielle nmivielle
Wed May 26 17:22:38 CEST 2010



I try to use ARM NEON optimizations for encoding video files on my Android
phone (Nexus One). (I use "-mfpu=neon" when I build ffmpeg)


When I try to read a MP4 (H.264) video with ffmpeg  and convert to mpeg4
(simple profile),  I have a segmentation fault in the function
"ff_vector_fmul_window_neon" from "dsputil_neon.S" at the beginning of the
encoding. (debugged with gdb)


I have the same error when I try to only read a MP4 video with the command
"ffmpeg -i video.mp4"


I don't know very well ARM instructions and I need some help to find what is
not good in this asm function.


Thank you.



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