[FFmpeg-devel] Audio decoding in api-example.c broken?

Martin Storsjö martin
Sun May 23 19:45:51 CEST 2010


libavcodec/api-example.c seems to be broken regarding audio decoding, 
since SVN rev 9144, 27th May 2007. api-example.c reads a fixed buffer 
size from the file, and then decodes a number of frames from the read 
buffer, but the last frame is incomplete (since the input buffer size 
isn't aligned with the compressed frame size). This gives a decode error 
for the last audio frame, which is incomplete, exiting the whole test 

Before rev 9144, the mp2 decoder consumed the whole input buffer at once, 
so the approach in api-example.c worked fine.

Michael, any suggestion on how this should be handled? Should the audio 
frames be written to file with some kind of simplistic framing/container 
format? Or does the mp2 decoder handle being fed with incomplete frames, 
and we should just adjust the error handling in api-example?

// Martin

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