[FFmpeg-devel] use of UINT64_C in libavutil/common.h

elupus elupus
Thu May 6 17:37:42 CEST 2010

On Wed, 05 May 2010 13:18:02 +0200, VALETTE Eric RD-MAPS-REN wrote:

> Hi,
> Sorry to pollute the list but as I've been annoyed by a recent change, I 
> wanted at least to notify it.
> libavutil/common.h is no more autosufficient for C++ program because 
> stdint.h defines UINT64_C only for C program and not C++ program. xbmc 
> and mplayer fails to compile because of this.

Just thought i'd chime in and say that this fight has already been
lost once (maybe more times) before. No point in rehashing it. 

It's not any major burdon to just add a wrapper header for ffmpeg
headers for use in C++. It's normally just a few lines of code. Also i
don't know why somebody says xbmc would fail to compile due to it.
We have the wrappers in place + normally use internal ffmpeg.

You must be using external ffmpeg then and be loosing out on all our nice
hacks/patches that have been deemed ffmpeg.org unworthy :).


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