[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Fix non-rounding up to next 16-bit aligned bug in IFF decoder

Sebastian Vater cdgs.basty
Wed May 5 20:17:18 CEST 2010

Carl Eugen Hoyos a ?crit :
> Sebastian Vater <cdgs.basty <at> googlemail.com> writes:
>> BTW, is the decodeplane8 heavy optimization patch also ready for commiting?
> Due to the expected reasons, I have no idea, but if I have missed an "OK" from
> the project's maintainer, please point me to it.

Well, it looks they agreed on this, it's in the same thread as this one,
look for posts on 3rd March around 14:00 UTC...

> Could you mark those "reproduced" that are valid, close the fixed ones, comment
> on those which have additional problems?

Well, the image decoding issues are gone now, the HAM stuff all decodes
flawlessly when my HAM patch which go into git/svn.

Should I mark them anyway as fixed?

ami_stuff didn't send there images there which can't be decoded because
of transparency / masking support, but he sent them to me on private
email account.

Maybe I could add the new files there, too?

> (I can do it if you don't want to use roundup, but then you have to send another
> mail.)

I just registered but see I can't assign a fixing bug to myself...


Best regards,
                   :-) Basty/CDGS (-:

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