[FFmpeg-devel] [patch] libpostproc: mmx code uses stack below %esp

Yuriy Kaminskiy yumkam
Fri Jan 29 20:24:11 CET 2010

While trying to catch unrelated bug (that finally was not bug, but
misconfiguration [-lavdopts fast was too fragile for broken mpeg-2 stream]),
I've run mplayer under valgrind, and got bunch of warnings:
==32414== Invalid write of size 8
==32414==    at 0x874CF44: postProcess_MMX2 (in /path/to/mplayer)
==32414==  Address 0xbeffa9d0 is just below the stack ptr.  To suppress, use:
I, of course, don't use gcc-2.96 ;-)
I've looked into libpostproc/postprocess_template.c, and, indeed, it uses memory
below %esp:
=== cut ===
static inline void RENAME(doVertDefFilter)(uint8_t src[], int stride, PPContext *c)
    __asm__ volatile(
        "pxor %%mm7, %%mm7                      \n\t"
        "lea -40(%%"REG_SP"), %%"REG_c"         \n\t" // make space for 4 8-byte
        "and "ALIGN_MASK", %%"REG_c"            \n\t" // align
static inline void RENAME(dering)(uint8_t src[], int stride, PPContext *c)
static av_always_inline void RENAME(do_a_deblock)(uint8_t *src, int step, int
stride, PPContext *c){
=== cut ===
Not sure if this *must* be fixed, but it feels unsafe, so...
Patch attached; doVertDefFilter and do_a_deblock changes should not affect
speed, not sure about dering one.
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