[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Bug Bounty

compn tempn
Fri Jan 29 17:53:51 CET 2010

On Fri, 29 Jan 2010 17:11:23 +0100, Robert Kr?ger wrote:
>OK, those are creative alternatives. I'll consider those next time. I'm asking since I put a 5000 Euro bounty out on the ML for fixing AVCHD decoding a year and a half ago with mixed results (https://roundup.mplayerhq.hu/roundup/ffmpeg/issue475). Someone started working on it, lost interest and it was fixed eventually by someone who didn't know about the bounty eight and a half months later. I just thought if this was brokered it would work a bit better but of course that kind of administration is probably not what anyone of the developers wants to dive into, I guess (e.g. the foundation keeps a part of the bounty and for that sees to it that the person volunteering really does the job and if not assign it to someone else or something like that).  
>But I did get other things fixed by individual contracts, so for the time being, I guess I'lll stick to that approach.

i think we could add a tag to the roundup like 'bounty' and then link
to it or embed the list of 'bounty' bugs on ffmpeg.org for more


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