[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Abort in av_find_stream_info if decoding is needed and the decoder isn't found

Martin Storsjö martin
Wed Jan 27 09:39:39 CET 2010


If trying to open a realtime network stream which hasn't got any matching 
decoder available, the av_find_stream_info call may block for a very long 
time. (max_analyze_duration doesn't come into effect if pkt->duration 
isn't set.)

If has_codec_parameters indicates that the stream needs decoding, but 
try_decode_frame fails due to not being able to open the decoder, we could 
abort immediately, since we will never be able to open that decoder. (See 
the attached patch.)

Is this a sensible thing to add? Or are there cases where codec_id could 
change during av_find_stream_info, so we shouldn't bail out immediately 
even if we can't find a decoder for the current codec_id?

// Martin
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