[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Edit Decision List

Etienne Buira etienne.buira.lists
Fri Jan 22 09:43:47 CET 2010

Hello all.

After looking at the archive, I did not find any discussion about
including EDL support in ffmpeg. If there is, please give me a pointer
to such a discussion.

Now, about the feature, it would be to implement the -edl and
-hr-edl-seek options of mplayer to ffmpeg. I did not find any such
feature in ffmpeg, please point me if I am wrong.

Last, if things goes to implement it, as I am not familiar with ffmpeg
code base, I would like to have some hints on how to do it. As well as
to know if the way (codestyle) it is in mplayer/mencoder is found
suitable for ffmpeg.

Questions I can think of right now :
- Where/How can I find the pts value (mpctx->sh_video->pts in mplayer)
- Would functions such as do_subtitle_out be called even if video
  frames are not generated ?


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