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I've updated my photos page to show the improvement in quality. 

Anyone want to do a joint blog article that covers both ffmpeg and ofvideoplayer. 

I would very much like to try my new found knowledge on ofvideoplayer. any chance you can send me the doc on the sound stuff. 

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Hi all 

Well the video has been playing for more than 20 minutes and no problems, its 2 hour movie, it wil probably play through. 

Here are the changes to my ffplay you got from my svn 

use Frame_x and Frame_y values of 256 
Reduce the audio buffer to 64, probably doesn't matter but the doc says use the smallest resonable buffer 
I must of looked at this code several times and wondered how it worked, well the answer was it did not. 

comment out these lines in QueuePicture 

/* if the frame is not skipped, then display it */ 


//AVPicture tmpPict; 

//avpicture_alloc(&tmpPict, DST_PIX_FMT, FRAME_X, FRAME_Y); 

/* get a pointer on the bitmap */ 

create a global variable 

static AVPicture tmpPict; 

Copy this line to alloc_picture 

Just before calling SDL_PixelFormatEnumToMasks 

avpicture_alloc(&tmpPict, DST_PIX_FMT, FRAME_X, FRAME_Y); 

Now all I need to do is figure out how to overlay som simple controls. And we are set to go 

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