[FFmpeg-devel] MP2 incomlpete frame while output to RTMP Error

only_today at gmx.de only_today
Wed Jan 20 16:16:52 CET 2010

> only_today at gmx.de:
> > mostly it quits with an error message after short a while,
> > cause of an incomplete frame ( mp2-module ).
> >   
> This is due using single thread for input and output stream (when output
> socket blocks main thread, input stream loses some bytes).
> Try to send stream from file, and you will see that output will works
> fine.

are sure ?
i played last night around with it
and raising up the buffer in the http-module seems to fix it.
i just played more than 10 minute variuos sources.
but i've to spend some more time, 
to understand all aspects of the sources, to find a "better fix"
or to say, this IS the solution,
because i play around in-depth only for some hours ;)

btw. is there any better place for discussion ?
some one wrote about to use this ml only for patches.

> > is there any chance to fix this or simply to skip  ?
> >   
> I searching for solution too.

i skip the approach to skip the frames, since you told me,
its a threading or socket problem.
but increasing the buffer ... as i told already ;)

greetz && regards

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