[FFmpeg-devel] Disabling all asm

Michael Kostylev michael.kostylev
Tue Jan 19 22:09:53 CET 2010

On Mon Jan 18 23:24:30 2010
M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:

> It is sometimes desired to disable all asm in FFmpeg, and previously
> the suggested means of achieving this was to pass --arch=c to
> configure.  This is no longer supported.  Instead there is a new
> option, --disable-asm.  This disables all assembler while still
> allowing other characteristics of the target architecture to be taken
> into account, e.g. automatically enabling PIC or allowing unaligned
> memory accesses.  This was not possible with the old --arch approach.

Btw, the flv test no longer passes on the x86_64/suncc configuration.
Disabling cmov (actully, only for the COPY3_IF_LT macro) makes it green


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