[FFmpeg-devel] minor ./configure glitches on OpenBSD

Måns Rullgård mans
Tue Jan 19 15:46:53 CET 2010

"Fran?ois Revol" <revol at free.fr> writes:

>> > The OpenBSD nm(1) doesn't recognize a "-P" option, which
>> > I read ( http://linux.die.net/man/1/nm ) is a shorthand
>> > for "-f posix", as opposed to the default of "-f bsd",
>> > which should be used on BSD anyway.
>> Eh what?  The POSIX standard options should not be used on BSD????
>> Give me a break please.  Here's a quote from the spec:
>> -f
>>     [XSI] Produce full output. Write redundant symbols ( .text, 
>> .data,
>>     and .bss), normally suppressed.
>> -P
>>     Write information in a portable output format, as specified in 
>> the
>>     STDOUT section.
>> Now go and whack the BSD tool maintainers with a clue-by-four.
> Eh, I thought only BeOS had issues with POSIX ;-)
>> > Also, the OpenBSD od(1) has no "-A" option,
>> > and will disappear in favour of hexdump(1) anyway.
>> That's f*cked up.  od is a standard tool, hexdump is not.
> Which is odd :p though hd in BeOS is much simpler to use, but also it's 
> not standard either.

I much prefer hexdump for day to day use myself, but since it's not
standard, I can't use it in portable scripts.

> Anyone knows the correct options to od to just dump hex byte per byte 
> instead of screwing up with 16bit endianness ?

od -t x1

M?ns Rullg?rd
mans at mansr.com

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