[FFmpeg-devel] What is missing for working AVFMT_FLAG_NONBLOCK?

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Sun Jan 17 14:45:32 CET 2010

On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 04:06, Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at> wrote:

> Hi
> AVFMT_FLAG_NONBLOCK is not enabled in ffmpeg/ffplay.c
> what is missing for it?
> capturing from several devices is likely going to work better if they
> dont block. And yes i know it all should be using select() but that is
> harder. And simple polling with non blocking demuxers should already
> work pretty well.
> is the only thing missing the code in ffmpeg.c that picks files
> based on the next expected timestamp?
> id like to set AVFMT_FLAG_NONBLOCK by default in ffmpeg.c
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what about udp.c and tcp.c? these could benefit from working in a
non-blocking way too.
attached patch that makes udp.c work in a non-blocking way.
this fixes an annoyance that would make ffplay hang forever until killed:

  $> ffplay udp://localhost?localport=1234,
without running any encoder that writes to udp://localhost:1234, the ffplay
would hang until doing a hard kill, because it would be stuck in a loop
inside udp.c
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