[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] SHOUTcast HTTP Support

Micah F. Galizia micahgalizia
Sat Jan 16 19:31:31 CET 2010

On 10-01-13 09:38 PM, Micah F. Galizia wrote:
> On 10-01-09 09:23 PM, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>> On Sat, Jan 09, 2010 at 08:27:17PM -0500, Micah F. Galizia wrote:
>>> On 10-01-09 08:09 PM, Micah F. Galizia wrote:
>>>> On 10-01-09 07:15 PM, Micah F. Galizia wrote:
>>>>> Greetings,
>>>>> I've attached a patch adds support for SHOUTcast metadata. This patch
>>>>> attempts to connect via HTTP with icy metadata enabled. If the
>>>>> connection fails, connection is attempted again without icy
>>>>> metadata (in
>>>>> case the server doesn't support it).
>>>>> As new metadata is received, it is updated in the HTTPContext, and a
>>>>> flag is set to indicate that the metadata has been updated.
>>>>> URLProtocol
>>>>> has two new methods that indicate that the metadata has changed, and
>>>>> pass the new metadata (not a copy, but the actual pointer) back to the
>>>>> AVFormatContext through the ByteIOContext. Note, that the
>>>>> definition of
>>>>> AVMetadata and AVMetadataConv has been moved from avformat.h to avio.h
>>>>> so that they are defined before the definition of URLProtocol.
>>>>> ByteIOContext has been updated to wrap the new URLProtocol methods so
>>>>> that as packets are read the metadata can be returned. If the
>>>>> ByteIOContext reports new metadata, then the updated fields are
>>>>> added to
>>>>> the AVFormatContext.
>>>>> A new method has been added to metadata API to allow applications to
>>>>> monitor changes in metadata (av_metadata_updated), and ffplay has been
>>>>> updated to use it.
>>>>> One point I would like to note is that I was never able to find a
>>>>> server
>>>>> that didn't like the icy-metadata request, so I haven't really
>>>>> verified
>>>>> that reconnection without icy-metadata works. If someone knows a
>>>>> server
>>>>> that will respond with an error, I would like to know.
>>>> This version is patchecked.
>>> Sorry for the spam. After a discussion on IRC, I've removed the
>>> unnecessary
>>> comments.
>> Some comments about your implementation
>> * Simply updating metadata and setting some flag is not ok
>> We have AVChapters that can store metadata that applies to
>> some timespan. The way you do it only the current is available.
>> Of course theres nothing wrong with letting th user know by some
>> means that a new chapter has begun if we lack an easy way to detect
>> this currently
> AVChapters are now passed back from the URLProtocol instead of
> AVMetadata. I had a look at some apps that use libavformat (well, just
> MythMusic) and it seems that they keep track of time on there own, so
> they should be capable of finding their own chapter. AVFormatContext
> also tells them the number of chapters, so if they are expecting new
> chapters (and want to know when they are added), they could keep their
> own chapter counter and then compare it to nb_chapters. To facilitate
> using AVChapters with a URLProtocol, AVChapter's definition was moved to
> avio.h
>> * We do need some kind of seperation between protocol and demuxer
>> metadata. That is a user application should be able to extract
>> both a title from protocol level and one from demuxer level if they
>> differ. I belive this wouldnt work with your code
>> The simplest way i see for this would be to prefix all the metadata
>> keys with "Icy:" or something like that
>> (but i need to think more abiut the exact syntax to keep this simple
>> to use)
> I never got a good sense of if I should or should not be prefixing, but
> personally, since any SHOUTcast metadata I have seen is prefixed with
> "Stream" (StreamTitle, StreamUrl, etc), I don't think this is really
> necessary.
>> * We should keep the API for the user application simple
>> I think your code achives that though but we must make sure that
>> this stays simple ...
> It is essentially the same implementation with some throw-away code to
> test the chapters in ffplay, so hopefully it is still simple enough.
> Also, now there are no new methods in avformat.h.
> I would also like some feedback on my initialization values in utils.c.
> I assumed that since these radio streams don't broadcast how long they
> will be streaming, setting the duration to INT64_MAX was appropriate
> since they will broadcast longer than most users will listen. Also, I
> set the stream start time to the first chapters start time.

Has anyone had a chance to look at the changes?

Micah F. Galizia
micahgalizia at gmail.com

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